Can a realtor tell you?

Casey Whitworth
Published on June 9, 2017

Can a realtor tell you?

  • What your property is worth? No.
  • Can a realtor look at current sales in the area? Yes.
  • Can they see how good a job of marketing was done to find those willing to pay the most before it was sold? No.
  • How many sales were made to the folks who were willing to pay the most for that property? That depends on how well a property is MARKETED or LUCK if a marketing plan isn’t in play.
  • Did the folks who were willing to pay top dollar for a comparable property know that property you are looking at was for sale before it was sold? Too many properties are sold without a marketing plan. The result is folks willing to pay more didn’t know the property was there and it was sold before they did.
  • How well were the comparable properties marketed to get the best results? I can’t tell you exactly but I can show you in general terms to give you a good idea and unfortunately it’s often not very good.
  • How are you going to get the best results? Call me.
  • ————————————————————————————————     CONSISTENT RESULTS FROM MY MARKETING EXAMPLE  ———————————————————————————————   
  • After customer satisfaction, the #1 result (press) was over $1,000 was earned for the BC Children’s and Peace Arch Hospital Foundations  
  • Visitors – 726 blog page visitors came here from social media posts to get information on this condo.
  • Appointments – Per the plan 36 scheduled/appointed viewings
  • Brochure – Given to each visitor to reinforce the visit memories
  • Multiple Offers – It went into multiples June 4. Feeling the heat many potential buyers dropped out, which is fine they wouldn’t be providing the best offer. At the June 6 deadline, this left 10 offers on the table.
  • Accepted Offer – Subject free, Quick completion date (As requested), Bank draft ready for deposit upon acceptance.
  • SELLING PRICE $503,000 Listed at $425,000
  • Referral – Sellers referral letter.                                                                                                    To quote directly out of my own personal brochure “Regardless of the size type or value of your property, your deal is a big deal. Bottom line is I care and put your best interest before mine. I do what it takes by investing in providing you with what is needed from professionals to best market your home and be a megaphone in the Marketplace!”  ———————————————————————————————————-    BELOW IS A PORTION OF THE MARKETING FOR A RECENT SALE ———————————————————————————————————-

You have top floor quiet, skylight, and a vaulted ceiling in this 2 bed 2 bath gem. It is adorned with its original fixtures and ready for your updates. Floor to ceiling windows in the front room and natural light never get old. Step outside onto a large east facing balcony that overlooks a quiet street and George McLean Park.

The walk, transit and bike scores of 78, 84, 94 speak of how great a location this is. Without a car, Metrotown and more are but moments away. Skytrain Patterson station is just a 9-minute walk.

There are 21 homes in this well run strata. With no rentals, there is the pride of ownership, respect, and care for what is held in common. Showings by appointment on June 3, 4, from noon to 5 p.m. Offers to be emailed no later than noon June 6 for presentation that evening.



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